Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Delicate Sterling

Beautiful sterling silver...  It costs a lot and looks great, but what the heck is it?  According to, "[p]ure silver is soft, too soft to create durable jewelry, so it's mixed with other metals to enhance performance. One popular silver mixture (an alloy) is known as sterling silver."  Copper is most commonly mixed with silver to create sterling.  Sterling silver stamped with a "925" mark simply means that 92.5% of the metal is pure silver. 

Gold vermeil is sterling silver coated with at least 10 carat gold.  The gold must also be at least 2.5 micrometers thick for it to be considered vermeil, according to Wikipedia.  The pendant below is a cute, tiny, gold vermeil bow (14 carat).  I adore this piece!  It's so girly, yet simple and understated.  I love the gold mixed with the sterling silver chain, as well.  This combination makes the bow component pop and adds some interest. 

The little bird pendant below is also very sweet and understated.  It's 925 sterling silver and absolutely adorable.  Anyone that loves birds would love this pretty little pendant. 

If you're like me, you probably feel naked without something around your neck and in your ears!  Simple pieces, like these, add just a touch of elegance to your look, without being too overbearing. 

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