Monday, 9 April 2012

Just Beachy...

Right or wrong, I love many styles of jewelry and I want to create it all! Some artists stick to one specific style, making their work easily recognizable. Maybe I'm crazy, but I just can't do that! Sure, I understand the logic. But, if I stuck to just one specific style, I'm pretty sure I'd get bored! We, creative junkies, want to do it ALL. I wanted to try sewing, baking, card/book-making, crocheting, knitting, you name it! I did, in fact, try all of these things, but knew that I just couldn't do everything I wanted and do it well. I knew that, with limited time, I needed to focus on one thing. Jewelry design is my passion, so I decided to stick with that. But, ask me to stick to just one style and I'll out-right refuse!

I love experimenting with different materials and looks. If I want a glamorous piece, I use rhinestones, glass and faceted crystals. If I want a vintage vibe, I take apart old necklaces and earrings to create new pieces. If I want a natural feel, I lean toward my favourites: seeds, wood, shell, and recycled glass.

As summer is approaching, I'm thinking about creating those natural pieces that I love. I realized, in my creative process, that I've used a lot of shell over the years. From Mother of Pearl to Hammer Shell to many other exotic types, shell comes in a huge array of shapes, colours, sizes, etc. It's amazing stuff!  Plus, who doesn't associate shell with those blissful summer days at the beach?  It adds texture and interest to my pieces and helps to pull the overall components together. Here's a couple of different pieces I've created using various shells. I think these are super hot colours for this spring and summer.

I'd love to know your favourite summer colour to wear.  If you have some time, leave a comment!

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