Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wild Side

Last year, I was introduced to the work of Dandi Maestra, a Canadian Jewelry Designer who uses natural elements to create her amazingly over-the-top pieces.  She's pushed the limits and isn't afraid to create wild, couture jewelry.  Her pieces are found in fashion magazines and runways all over.  She's inspiring and amazing.

I think I'm mesmerized by Dandi's work because she isn't afraid to step outside the comfortable to create something unconventional and, well, HUGE!  She's daring.  She's creative beyond the realm of normal creativity (in my opinion) and she's almost revolutionary.  I've never seen work like hers before.  This is what I aspire to.  Like most artists, we want to create something never seen or done before and have our audience love it.  This may be a tall order but it's what keeps me motivated and inspired. 

I was introduced to her work because a visitor of the Shakespeare Artisan Market found my pieces and was reminded of Dandi's work.  I do use some similar materials, including the horn rings and exotic wood.  However, Dandi's creative genius far exceeds mine.  This is something I'll continue to work on as I evolve in my art.  Below are a couple of pieces I created that are a little more daring, perhaps, but still totally wearable.

Wood, Bone and Glass Bracelet

Czech Glass Rings in Black and Clear Necklace

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