Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sparkling Spring

Soft, pretty, pastel colours are totally in for spring.  I just ordered myself the cutest ivory, Sea-Scalloped Blouse from FrockStock ( and I can't wait to throw it on!  In keeping with the same trend, I created this light, airy, pale blue necklace to compliment a spring wardrobe.  (I also made earrings to match, which are not pictured.) 

What's your favourite Spring trend this year?  I've seen a lot of mint green and pastels out there.  I've also seen some floral-printed pants (which I'm personally not a fan of). I  think I could probably do the coloured skinnies, but floral pants are out of the question.  My favourite finds are in pale blue colours and shades of peach or coral.  I'm a girl's girl and frankly, I'm down with anything that's sparkly and pretty.  Bring on the warm weather!

1 comment:

  1. My favorite color this season is definitely mint! I'm all about this pastel trend! Also loving that polyvore collage... can't wait for more posts!! And thanks for checking out my blog on Frockstock!